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Jan. 11th, 2030


Answering Machine

If you need to leave me a message, here is fine. Thanks.

Dec. 13th, 2008


(no subject)

Mr. Soze has been home for the last few months, living out his old life again, just like he dreamed of.

But things are about to changeCollapse )

The next week.

Sep. 3rd, 2008

the faces of his family


Even without the link, you're poisonous for him.Collapse )

Aug. 28th, 2008


[for jmlevitt]

In the middle of the night, he hears humming.Collapse )

Aug. 9th, 2008


OOC meme

Because I haven't posted in ages...

Post here, and I'll tell you what Soze thinks of your character!

Jun. 27th, 2008

OOC in evil glory


Lyrics Drabble Meme- Check it Out!
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May. 26th, 2008

OOC- Pimp suit

OOC: Vacation Notice

I'm going to be out of town from Thursday morning (May 29th) to Sunday, June 9th with limited to no internet access.

:( ♥

Just a heads up. I'll miss you guys!
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May. 18th, 2008

qu'il n'existe pas

[narrative, dreams]

Life has been quiet. Life has been suffocating. He's been dealing as well as he can, but still, nothing feels complete anymore.

Today he has a dream-- or a memory-- that belongs to Jeff.Collapse )

In the morning, Soze gets up and washes his face for-- he doesn't know-- maybe an hour, just standing in front of the bathroom mirror and running the washcloth over his forehead and neck. He closes his eyes but doesn't consider going back to sleep. It's been weeks since any direct memories have crossed over.

When he snaps out of it, finally, it's past nine'o'clock, and he realizes he's going to be late for work. He calls in sick instead, voice raspy enough to fool them (but he hadn't been crying, had he?), and slips on his jacket to take a walk.

He doesn't make it to the door, though. He finds his new sofa and lets himself collapse on it, numb. It takes another twenty minutes before he gathers the energy to grab the old newspaper by his feet, which he does, propping it against his lap. From there, he reads.

So much for keeping a clear head.

May. 10th, 2008

not on top

OOC-ish, over the fourth wall hooah

ColorQuiz.com Soze took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Feels the situation is hopeless. Strongly resists ..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Apr. 20th, 2008

timeplot; 1989; are you ready?

(no subject)

The timeplot beginsCollapse )
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